What to Do with a Mole Infestation

Moles are hardy little animals that might seem harmless enough; until they set up home in your garden that is. The mole digs a network of tunnels wherever he decides to set down roots, and these tunnels leave piles of soil on the lawn, which are easily spotted, and contrary to popular belief, the tunnels […]

Get Fast and Effective Pest Control Services

This is going to be an evening you won’t soon forget. You’ve been looking forward to entertaining guests at your home for weeks now. You’ve spent those weeks working to make your home the pinnacle of decorative perfection, securing first-class catering, and transforming the interior into something special. Your guests file in, oohing and ahh-ing, […]

Add Style and Elegance to your Terrace with Composite Decking

Timber has a timeless appeal, which is why it is extensively used in the construction industry, and the only downside to using wood is the maintenance that goes with it. Preserving timber is a time consuming and costly process, yet with composite faux timber decking, you have the look and feel of solid wood, but […]