Small Home Makeover Ideas That Make a Big Difference

Small home ideas

If you are tired of the same old look of the rooms in your home, you could redecorate it with a few small changes. Here are a few small makeover ideas that can make a big difference to the look of your home.

    • Personalise your home with photos. Get creative as to how you display your photos. You could take a family photo and make a canvas of it then you can hang it on the wall. You could get a dozen or two dozen frames in the same colour and decorate one wall with family photos. This will create an interesting talking point in your home plus it will make a big difference on a bland wall.
    • Coordinate your bedding, curtains and carpet. If you decide on a set of colours to use in your bedroom, stick to it. For example if you choose green and white then make sure that your bedding and curtains match the green and white theme. You could also add a lush green rug to further strengthen the colour scheme.
    • Add plants and flowers. Some greenery and colour can make a big difference in your lounge area. You could place a large green plant in a decorative plant pot in the focal corner of the lounge. Get a lovely bunch of flowers and put it in a vase then place it on the coffee table. The natural effect of the plants will uplift the room.
    • Add shelving for memorabilia. On a blank wall, you can add three floating shelves in a contrasting colour to the wall. For example if you have white walls, you could add red shelves if your décor elements are red. On these shelves you can place memorabilia of places you’ve been to or trophies that you’ve received over the years.
    • Colour coordinate your furniture and décor. You, most likely, already have a set of furniture. Use that furniture as the base colour for your décor. For example if your couches are brown, you could change your front door to a brown wood option. Add a large brown carpet with beige accents under the coffee table. Place a brown decorative vase with beige ornaments in the corner of the room. Remember to remove anything else that doesn’t belong in the lounge.
  • Add a glamourous door. Large front doors such as pivot doors make a big difference to the main entrance. Find one that suits the design of your home. If you have a modern home, then a sleek wood with glass door will be ideal. If you have a traditional home, then a front door with ornate designs will be more suitable.

Spanish Style Home Decorating

Spanish style home decorating is a great way to get a rustic but colorful look in your home. This style, popular in the south, is really suitable for any area and can add a unique touch to any home.

When you want to decorate your home in a Spanish style, you will have a lot of fun. The Spanish style is very interesting with vibrant colors and textures used within it. You can bet that no matter how the home is decorated, you will need to incorporate the sense of family and community into the design. Take a look at how you can easily incorporate the Spanish style into your home. It can be really easy and fun!


One easy way to incorporate Spanish style into your home is with the use of family photos. You can use photos that you have taken yourself to get the task done. Simply choose various types of photo frames and put out your favorite pictures of family and friends. You should add them to each room to give the home a really comforting feeling.


When it comes to Spanish colors, you should think about using bright colors like red, yellow, orange, and blue. You will be able to bring out the Spanish décor elements with these bold colors. Be sure to add a beige or white to the mix as well to give the colors a nice background.


Although it really doesn’t matter what type of furniture you use when you are using Spanish style home decorating, it should be comfortable and casual. Unless you are decorating a formal dining or living room, Spanish styled furniture is not overly formal. So be sure it is comfortable and big enough for everyone in the family to lounge on. Spanish style uses a lot of dark woods – worm wood in particular is nice.


Use Spanish accessories to add an authentic touch to your décor. Grill grates and other accessories that use wrought iron can add a great touch, especially if they are vintage. Spanish pottery is another item that can be displayed in any room – on shelves or hang plates on scrolly plate hangers to give a unique homey feel.


A Spanish style looks great with rustic tile flooring. Not the shiny porcelain stuff but the big reddish tiles with dark grout. Also, hardwood floors can go wonderful with this style. To soften up the room accent it with Spanish style rugs.

When you choose to decorate your home with Spanish style home decorating you can bring the elements in without spending a lot of money. You can simply add photos of your family, bright colors and comfortable furniture to get the look you want

Fresh Design Ideas for Old Barn Boards

Old Barn Boards

An old barn that is scheduled for demolition offers a wealth of opportunities for the resourceful. Interior beams, joists, and floor boards can be salvaged and restored to their original glory. Uses for the exterior siding are a little more limited, after a lifetime in the elements the boards are weathered, often still holding onto the remnants of their last coat of paint. We think reclaimed barn boards have a wonderful place in contemporary design. They bring a sense of history and character that is hard to find in modern materials and they come with the environmental benefit of reusing a resource that would otherwise be discarded.

Working with reclaimed barn boards is not simple. The boards can be rough, brittle and are by no means square. It takes patience, care and finesse to make these boards work in modern cabinetry. A recent project exemplified the challenges of working with this unique material. The Cabinetmaker first had to mill the boards so they could be attached to a sub-straight for stability and strength while preserving the original face of the boards by milling only the backside. Given the nature of the wood, knots can come loose during the milling process, so after the barn boards were glued up he had the arduous task of filling all the knots with matching pieces of discarded boards. It’s not often that a cabinet maker’s tool of choice is a pair of tweezers, but a good cabinetmaker will go the extra mile.

Floating Shelves. Reclaimed barn boards make great shelves, a rustic look with a modern twist. Creating a mitered edge and matching the grain is no easy task and require true craftsmanship.

Kitchen Islands. The island tends to be the focal point in a kitchen, it is where people gather to eat and socialize and when designed well it can be beautiful as well as functional. The island can be a great place to mix up materials and bring different textures and colors to your space. Consider framing the barn board with hardwood which allows the barn wood to become more of an art piece than just a material choice.

Other creative applications. Barn doors (yes, made from real barns), custom lighting fixtures are a few of the way this cool material can be creatively utilized. Boards can be used to create beautiful feature walls or ceilings, and can be installed in artistic ways to create unique spaces. The options are endless and a little goes a long way. Across the country, there are teams of salvagers who travel around looking for barns that are on their last legs. All the wood is carefully dismantled, kiln-dried and milled to order, ready to be put to use in whatever unique design you choose.

Bring the Life of Your Interior With Decorative Wall Tiles

Decorative Wall Tiles

Some plain mosaics or tiles are being very predictable after a period. The vibrancy of the brand new tiles is not staying after 3 – 5 years. Therefore, the interesting Decorative wall tiles are very useful to bring the required life of your interior. This category rejuvenates the walls in a contemporary style. The ingredients of this category are very flexible. Designers say that this category is very eco-friendly and easy to use. Owners can paint their walls, whenever they want. This slab can recollect its first-day look like a normal painting.

Dimensional tiles:

The 3D wall tiles belong to the Decorative wall tiles category. Owners should know that 3D walls not only bring the life of the interior, but also it can spread the singular effect. Whether you want to compliment your bedroom or dining hall, you can try this out. The artistic tiles are used in commercial apartments like hotels, restaurants, offices and shops. Floor, ceilings, and other interesting use are very catchy as well as the wall covering.

Characteristic benefit:

The tiles of the decorative category have many profitable features. Some of them are mentioned below:

Owners can experiment with the colors and textures of the walls.
Lightweight is another useful feature of the slabs.
The item is very durable.
It is easy to install, therefore, designers like to work with the slabs.
Some exclusive colors and patterns improve the tile and help the owner to create individual patterns.

The prices are affordable. Bulk buying can reduce the investment as well.
It adds an extraordinary touch to the interior.

Nature friendliness:

The Decorative wall tiles are very supportive for the environment. As readers knew that the tiles are very functional, therefore they can trust about this feature as well. Some experts have tested the raw materials and the effects. The experiments have proved that these tiles have recycled ingredients, which are pure. The fibrous residue is crushed again to extract their juice, which is remaining after the first step. As Bagasse is one of the most renewable sugarcane of the world, therefore the rejuvenation factor of the tiles is attached with the feature list. As sugarcane wastages are using in manufacturing the tiles instead of burn, therefore, this creation helps the environment. This recycling process boosts nature as well as the industry.

People can find a wide range of design, texture, pattern and price through the proper channel which in turn fulfill their future requirement.

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12 Colors and How To Use Them In Your Home

Colors In Your Home

There are many colors to choose from when you’re wanting to decorate your home. There are literally about 10 million colors we can see, meaning there many options for your home. But instead of going over every imaginable color we can think of, let’s focus and talk about 12.

These colors are the basics of what you can find. Keep in mind that different hues can change the feeling of a color by a little bit, but the main idea stays the same. Here are the colors, their meanings, and how to use them.

Dark (Deep) Blue

This shade of blue is known to help with efficiency and thinking. It is a great color for offices, studies, or libraries. It helps to focus one’s thinking. It can cut through the clutter of your mind and give you laser focus. It is great to help you stay on track with work or other responsibilities.


The brightness of this color helps to make you feel confident. It speaks loudly and reduces any feelings of self-consciousness. Use this in a place, or room where you need to feel confident.

Light Purple

Reconnect with your spiritual side with this color. Use it to give you a fresh new perspective and to release those emotional issues you have kept inside. It’s great for living spaces and bedrooms.


The color of wealth. It is said that green will help you be more productive, thus leading to wealth. It is also the color of health or nature. Use this in rooms that you want to feel good, or healthy in. It is great for living spaces.

Light Blue

Is a peaceful color. It will make you feel at peace. Use it in a bedroom or other place where you want to relax and feel at peace.


This color is known to increase your focus and bring life into the room. Use this in a place you want to bring to life and where you may be working. It works great in a dining room or kitchen.

Bright Red

Similar to orange, bright red is known to increase self-confidence and to fortify you. It will help you feel confident and strong, but don’t overdo it because red goes a long way.


Is a way of showing that you take obligations seriously and will do what needs to be done. Use it to soften the mood in dining rooms or living spaces.


Has always been known as the color of love, and so it is inside your house as well. It will help you to be compassionate and open your heart toward others. Use it where you are interacting with people like in a family space.

Deep Red

This shade of red is known to awaken your passions. Use it in places where you need passion, but beware of using it in a kitchen because it is known to increase the likelihood of overeating.


This color inspires trust. It helps one feel like they can trust you and not be vulnerable. Use it in a space where you interact with people.


Is for those that want a feeling of eloquence and formality. It tells others that you are a straight forward thinking person and know how to make things happen. It can also give you a feeling of mysteriousness.

Remember that there are many different colors and each one can be used to help the overall feeling of your home. It doesn’t have to be in the form of paint, but could be something like a plate, picture frame, throw pillow, or rug. Every little piece of home decor adds or takes away from your home.

Decorative Ideas for Your Antique Lounge

antique lounge

An antique theme is beautiful because it is reminiscent of the good old days when times were simpler. The design style of this theme is ornate and quite decorative incorporating floral patterns and curved elements. You can bring this antique look into your home by being creative.

  • Go to thrift stores or pawn shops and look for antique ornaments. Ornaments such as porcelain dolls, vases or tea sets. Curved porcelain vases with gold trim filled with flowers create a wonderful scent and ambience in the lounge. Porcelain tea sets with floral patterns and tea cups with beautiful curved handles give you that antique look.
  • Find an antique display cabinet. Look for a display cabinet that has a glass door, precision carved frames, as well as decorative curved feet and handles. You can display the tea sets or porcelain dolls in the display unit which will accentuate the theme.
  • If you have a fireplace in your lounge, you can place antique ornaments on the mantle.
  • Look for a floral rug with a bold border and place it under the coffee table. Also find a wooden coffee table that has curved edges and carved designs in the legs. This combination will look beautiful in your lounge.
  • Find floral curtains to drape on your windows. Try to keep the floral design similar throughout the design elements. If you select a pink floral pattern for the rug, then the curtains should incorporate the same colours. If you select random floral patterns for the different items in your lounge then you could end up with a cluster of patterns that don’t match.
  • Go bargain hunting for antique lounge chairs. If they are still in their original state then the wood frame should still be intact. The wood may just need a coat of varnish. As for the fabric, you may need to replace it. Take it to a furniture upholstery specialist to reupholster the lounge chairs. At this point you can select a fabric that matches the curtains so that you can keep the styling consistent throughout the theme. By reupholstering the lounge chairs you have the freedom of creativity.
  • Look for wooden picture frames. More specifically look for picture frames that have carvings in the wooden frame. Accentuated corners and detailed carvings will frame your photos beautifully. For the photos, select sepia toned photos to create a good old days feeling which complements the antique theme.