What Services Does a Window Cleaner Offer

Of course, we know that a window cleaner cleans windows, but there’s a lot more to the industry that cleaning glass, and when you consider that a window cleaner is already up to roof height when cleaning the windows, there are other services he can offer while he’s there. Guttering and Fascia Cleaning– The window […]

Kitchen Granite Tops & Stainless Steel

Care of Kitchen Granite Tops & Stainless Steel

Granite is a volcanic rock that is porous in nature.  Your  gorgeous granite top will require seasonal checkups to ensure that it’s sealant is still working and it is not absorbing any of the wide array of materials that may spill on its surface. Due to its porous nature, granite is susceptible to soak in stains […]

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Upholstery is a significant part of your home and very essential to maintain. Most of the upholstered furniture uses fabric or leather covering. These materials can easily catch dirt from the surrounding air or fade if exposed too much to the sun. If you have kids living with you, taking care of the upholstered furniture […]

maintain siding

care and cleaning of vinyl siding

You probably chose your vinyl siding because it’s so easy to care for. That may be true, but putting it up and forgetting about it won’t exactly give you the results that you desire. To keep your siding looking as good as new, a yearly cleaning is in order. Don’t grumble! Think of those homeowners […]

Clean the kitchen

How To Clean kitchen Sink And Cabinet Doors

It seems that shiny faucets attract lime deposits and soap scum like magnets! Luckily, there’s an easy way to get those faucets sparkling clean without much work. The easy method is to soak several paper towels in white vinegar and wrap them around the metal faucet area. Cover the faucet and water knobs with zipper […]