A filter for water, how does it work?

A filter for water, how does it work

Filtering water is not only a healthy but also eco and fashionable solution. More and more people who promote a healthy lifestyle in harmony with the natural environment, they reach for water filters to be able to consume tap water.

Nowadays, on the market, filter bottles are available which suit that fit lifestyle. They are interestingly designed, they draw attention with their design, and most importantly, using them reduces the production of plastic.

Water filter; action and effectiveness

Both in filter pitchers and Dafi bottles a carbon filter was mounted which is responsible for removal of unpleasant taste and unpleasant smell of chlorine or other heavy metals. Activated carbon, which is the main component of the filter, is made from coconut shells. It guarantees effective filtration.

A filter pitcher and a filter bottle work on a similar way. Both filters are flow filters. Water put in a first room is filtered- it flows by an inside filter and then it flows to the second room of a tool. Rooms are airtight, thanks to which there is no fear of mixing of water placed in containers.

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In order to keep full effectiveness of action a filter should be exchanged every 30 days. To do that you should purchase an exchangeable Dafi filter that is available in both individual packaging and larger promotional solutions. Each filter is sterile clean, immediately after unpacking it can be properly installed in the pitcher without fear of contamination. Dafi filters can also be used in other pitchers’ brands.

Reverse osmosis filter – how does it work

Filters with reverse osmosis are the tools which are mounted into the installation, their heart is an osmotic membrane. It retains all elements contained in water, unfortunately also good ones. Tap water is equipped with numerous components, the osmotic filter is an example of a filter that deprives it of literally everything. It does not distinguish between good and bad ingredients. Using it determines equipping your kitchen with so-called mineral that will enrich water with valuable elements again. Replacing its components is more problematic, often requiring the intervention of a specialist.

In comparison to the flow filters they are more complicated and they need much more space. While comparing their actions, filter pitchers allow  the simultaneous purification of water and enrichment with the desired elements.

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