Easy to Access 3D technology

Although 3D laser scanning is not a new concept in itself, the advances in technology have made it more available and more cost effective for a whole host of construction and engineering-based applications. Like other cities in the country, the best 3D laser scanning in Manchester is offered and facilitated by established surveys specialists. As a niche industry, many of these companies will offer their services on a nationwide basis and will generally be well known to people who work in and around sectors where 3D laser scanning is utilised regularly. As previously mentioned, the technology is mainly used in building and engineering but also used in other settings including:

  • Architectural Surveys
  • Environment – Building/Structures
  • Pipework and Process
  • BIM – Building Information Modelling
  • Surface Deformation – Buildings/Structures

If you are involved in, or consult in any of the above sectors, you will probably be aware of the technology and its applications but if not, the companies that offer 3D laser scanning services will generally be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Equipment

Needless to say, the equipment used is as cutting edge as the technology itself, with the TX8, SX10 and Revit Model being the mainstays of the kit. Topographical surveys are the most common surveys and used extensively by architects, planners and various engineers at both the design and planning stage. Needless to say, if you are looking for a specific survey for your requirements and do not see it detailed on your chosen providers website you will need to call and speak to them. Due to their position in the market, they are usually able to tailor a bespoke survey to cover a number of areas.

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