A Guide to Building a Conservatory

If you are looking to extend your property, there are quite a few ways to add some extra living space, and one of the most popular among UK homeowners is a conservatory. Why exactly do people choose a conservatory? The reasons are numerous, with the main advantage being that a large expanse of glass gives you a wonderful view, which combines the garden and the living room.

Professional Design

You only have to look at the top rated conservatories in Durham to realise how many different design options there are, and by hiring a builder who specialises in conservatories, you can be sure of a first class installation.

Major Features

A well-designed conservatory would incorporate the following:

  • Toughened Safety Glass
  • Security Locking
  • Built in Ventilation

The window openings would be designed around you, and the best design is one that is in keeping with the overall look of the property.


Many homeowners prefer white uPVC frames, which are maintenance free, while others opt for aluminium, which comes in a range of powder coated colours that include a faux timber grain finish. The other option is solid timber, which is also very attractive, although it does require a level of care and attention.

The Roof

You might prefer a small pitched roof that matches the existing roof, or perhaps a flat roof, which could be made from rubber or felt, and your local builder would help you select the right type of roof.

The first step is to find a local builder who specialises in conservatories, and with their expertise and your concept, your dream extension will soon be a reality.







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