How to Deal with a Wasps Nest

You’ve a higher chance of finding wasp’s in the late summer because they change their preferred food source from sugars to proteins. If you notice a large congregation of wasps outside your home, there is a good chance you’ve an infestation. It could be in your garden or even in your house, either way, you’ll need to get rid of it. If you are based in Yorkshire and you need the services of the best pest control company in Leeds, contact a reputable business in the area.

Professional pest control companies recommend this advice when you’ve identified a wasp’s nest.

  • Don’t poke the nest, you’ll make the wasp’s more aggressive.
  • Keep children informed and make sure they stay far away.
  • Don’t try to burn the nest.
  • Water isn’t an effective measure for removing the nest.
  • Don’t hit the nest with a racket or a baseball bat.

The most sensible thing to do when you’ve found a wasp’s nest is to wait for the professionals and leave the nest alone. If you do anything to anger the wasp’s, they will become aggressive and attack.

Should I Remove it Myself?

Removing a nest is a complex and dangerous process which should only be attempted by a professional pest control team. They have the right protective equipment and strategies to ensure they remove the infestation without getting hurt. To avoid a painful sting, stay well away from the nest and wait until a trained professional comes to your home.

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