What to Do with a Mole Infestation

Moles are hardy little animals that might seem harmless enough; until they set up home in your garden that is. The mole digs a network of tunnels wherever he decides to set down roots, and these tunnels leave piles of soil on the lawn, which are easily spotted, and contrary to popular belief, the tunnels are not only for moving around. The mole is a clever little fellow and his main food is the earthworm, and by touring his network of tunnels every few hours, he collects the many worms that drop into his tunnels.

Professional Mole Catchers

There really isn’t any other way to remove moles from your property other than calling in expert pest control in Maidstone, who will set underground traps to catch and remove the pests, and as the traps are set within the mole’s tunnels, they present no danger to pets. The poison used is painless, putting the animal to sleep instantly, and the traps are checked on a daily basis until the pest control officer is certain that they have all been caught.

Can Moles Be Removed Without Killing Them?

This is not possible, for two reasons:

  1. The traps would need to be constantly monitored to avoid causing the animal discomfort.
  2. In the event the pest control catches a live mole, it is against the law to release the animal on another person’s land, as the creature is likely to infest the new location.

A single mole can destroy your lawn in a matter of days, and should you even suspect you have moles on your land, call out your local pest control service, who can humanely remove the pests before they cause too much damage.

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