Frequently Asked Questions About Locksmith Services

If you’ve never dealt with a professional locksmith, you may be unfamiliar with their services and the way they operate. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Do I need to verify I own the house?

If you’ve locked yourself out of your home, most locksmiths won’t just break in unless you can show you own the property or you’ve some sort of identification. If you cannot provide a single document to show who you are or who owns the premises, you’ll have difficulty getting a locksmith to open the door.

What is the difference between rekeying and changing the locks?

  • Rekeying – This means you take the existing lock cylinder and replace it with a new one. You leave the rest, but your old key no longer works.
  • Changing the locks – The whole lock, lever, latch and cylinder are replaced.

Are you available all around the clock?

If you need emergency locksmiths in South East London, you’ll need to find a company who works 24/7. It is best to call during working hours if you can, as it will cost you less for a call out.

Common Call Outs

Here are the most common situations locksmiths encounter while on the job.

  • Lock malfunctions
  • Lost keys
  • Lock repairs – after a property has been burglarised
  • Replacing old locks
  • Broken keys – keys that get jammed and snap inside the lock

If you’d like to know more about locksmith services in your community, contact a local professional and ask for assistance.

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