Convert your Garage into Stunning Living Space

We all need extra living space at some point, with a growing family that has increasing needs, and rather than paying the high price for a traditional extension, you can have your garage converted for a very reasonable cost. Making good use of an existing structure certainly makes sense, and for many UK homeowners, the garage offers a perfect foundation for creating a room that can be used in many ways, which include the following:

  • Extra Bedroom
  • Home Office
  • Kid’s Study Centre
  • Man Cave

 If you would like to explore the potential that a garage conversion offers, there is an experienced home extensions company in Tipton that specialises in garage and loft conversions. Give them a call and they would be happy to send an expert to inspect your garage and see exactly what can be done.

Essential Insulation

When converting a garage, it is important to provide adequate insulation in both the walls and the roof, which can be achieved by using fibreglass and cavity wall insulation. The windows and doors should be double glazed for maximum insulation, and the designs should match the existing windows, which will make the conversion look like it belongs.

Structural Integrity

It is essential to first inspect the structure to ensure it is in good condition and is suitable for the conversion work, and should that be the case, plans can then be drawn up in preparation. Damp proofing is essential, and the builder would take the necessary steps to ensure that the building is well protected against rising damp.

Interior Design

It is possible to add partitioning and doors if the garage is big enough to divide into separate rooms, and it is also possible to extend the garage to accommodate a larger conversion, but this very much depends on available space.









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