A Guide to a Loft Conversion

  More and more British homeowners are turning to loft conversions in their quest for additional living space, and who can blame them? The cost of converting your loft is minimal when compared to building a traditional bricks and mortar extension, and with a professional installation from a company that does quality loft boarding in Accrington, you can have that much needed extra living space for a very reasonable price.

Professional Design

Every roof is unique and the amount of space you can reclaim very much depends on the design of the property. The internal roof surface must be clad with plywood or chipboard, with a layer of insulation between the boards, and then the loft insulation that is placed between the joists is removed and a timber floor is created.

Scope of Work

The extent of the conversion includes the following:

  • Creating a Chipboard Floor
  • Cladding the Roof
  • Covering the Water Tank and Visible Piping
  • Installing a Couple of Skylights for Natural Lighting
  • Installing a Drop-Down Ladder for Convenient Access

Second Fixings

Once the floor and ceiling have been created, the specialist would add power sockets where needed, plus a few LED light fittings. You might prefer to paint the walls, or choose a suitable wallpaper, and carpet tiles are an excellent choice for the floor covering, as they are easy to install and provide a soft and durable floor covering.

The access square would need to be enlarged to allow for furniture to be brought into the new setting, and a couple of extractor fans will give you all the ventilation you need.

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