What Does a Gas Boiler Servicing Involve?

If your central heating is gas powered, it is very important that the system, particularly the boiler, is serviced regularly. Most UK homeowners will arrange for a boiler service during the autumn months, just before the arrival of winter, which ensures that the system will run at optimum levels. If you are thinking it is about time that your boiler is serviced, here is a brief rundown of what a boiler service entails.

  • System Running Check – If you are looking for boilers – servicing, replacements & repairs in Exeter, the heating engineer will likely ask that you turn on the heating an hour before he arrives. This will allow him to inspect the system while running, which is an important aspect of the service.
  • Thermostat Check – The thermostat is a critical component, as it controls the firing of the boiler, and an inaccurate thermostat can cost you dearly in excess fuel use. If the thermostat is not accurate, the heating engineer would likely recommend a replacement.
  • Checking for Corrosion – Gas can be very dangerous, and all connections must be checked for corrosion by a qualified gas heating engineer.
  • Checking the Flue for Obstructions – The flue is a critical component, as it allows harmful gases like carbon monoxide to exit the building safely. The flue should be solidly fixed and free of obstructions.

If you haven’t had your boiler serviced for a while, talk to your local gas heating engineer and book in a service, and you’ll be very glad that you did.

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