Why Asphalt Flat Roofing is So Popular

We have used asphalt as a roofing material for many years, and despite the emergence of composite materials, traditional asphalt is still the most popular flat roofing material. The reasons are many, and include the following:

Wet or Dry Application – A felt roof can be installed using multi-layers of felt, and with three separate layers, the binding produces a waterproof surface. Hot asphalt can be poured onto the roof surface and spread out, which also provides a watertight membrane that will withstand the harsh British climate.

  • Durable and Long-Lasting – Asphalt roofing will stand the test of time, and with affordable roofers in Halifax who are experts in installing asphalt flat roofing, you can be sure of a first-class installation.
  • Elegant and Practical – Asphalt roofing has a charm all of its own, and with pebble stones embedded into the surface, the roofing offers a high level of insulation, which is one of the reasons why people prefer asphalt.
  • Affordable – Asphalt roofing is very affordable, and with a high level of durability, this type of roof will last for many years, If you would like a quote for a flat asphalt roof, an online search will help you to locate a nearby flat roofing specialist.
  • Good Thermal Insulation – Asphalt has very good insulation properties, and whether you have a dry or wet asphalt roof installed, your home would have an extra layer of insulation.

If you are planning to build an extension, asphalt is the perfect material to provide you with a strong and practical watertight roof.










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