Home Remedies for Mice in the Home

Mice are very common in the British Isles, and once a family decides to set up home in your property, it can be more than a challenge to remove them. There are, of course, many home remedies for removing rodents from your home, and here are just a few.

  • Mouse Traps – Some would say mouse traps are a cruel way to tackle a mice infestation, and perhaps experienced pest control services in Rochdale would be a better alternative. Trapping mice would give you a degree of success, yet they breed so fast, they would very quickly make up their numbers to leave trapping ineffective.
  • Putting Down Poison – Very dangerous if you have pets or young children, not to mention the bad smells that arise when a mouse dies behind the fridge. Again, you might bring down the numbers, but they will soon return to full strength despite your best efforts.
  • Bring a Cat into the Home – Watching the hilarious Tom & Jerry cartoons makes you realise how smart these hardy little creatures can be, and more often than not, the feline presence is inadequate.
  • Professional Pest Control Services – The only real way to ensure 100% success is to bring in the heavy guns, and with their expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, you can rest assured the mice problem will soon be resolved.

Mice are known disease carriers, and if you have young children, it isn’t worth the risk of leaving the mice to go about their business. Pest control companies offer guaranteed success and they can take measures to ensure the mice will never return.

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