If You Have Damp In Your Property, It Needs To Be Fixed Now Before It Gets Worse.

A number of property owners in the United Kingdom, including landlords know that their building suffers from damp but they choose to ignore it for a number of reasons. It may be expensive to fix and this will eat into their rental profits. Some homeowners may not have the cash to fix it now and so keep putting it off and off until it starts affecting people’s health.

Mould may occur and with mould, comes breathing difficulties. It is best to address the problem the moment that you realise it is occurring and fix it now before it becomes prohibitively expensive to repair it. This is when you need to find a professional company that can complete quality damp proof in Buckhurst Hill and save your property from crumbling before your eyes. There is a procedure for this and it begins with the following.

  1. The company first needs to identify what kind of damp it is. It may be rising damp, penetrating damp or condensation. They can assess this quite simply by its location and its identifying marks. Rising damp for example, leaves ‘tide marks’ on the wall, wallpaper peels and the plaster is damp or cold.

  1. They can identify penetrating damp as it is usually found on the ceiling or on the top of the wall where water is coming into the house. Generally, it is rain due to a leaky roof or your guttering is blocked and the rain water has nowhere else to go, except into your home.

A course of action is then set out that will be cost effective and this will stop the problem.

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