What Services Does a Window Cleaner Offer

Of course, we know that a window cleaner cleans windows, but there’s a lot more to the industry that cleaning glass, and when you consider that a window cleaner is already up to roof height when cleaning the windows, there are other services he can offer while he’s there.

  • Guttering and Fascia Cleaning– The window cleaner is the ideal person to do this essential task, as he already has his ladders out, and reliable window cleaning services in Sevenoaks would also clean the guttering and fascia, should it be required. If the guttering becomes blocked, which it often does, than rainwater will run down the exterior walls and this can cause serious damage.
  • Power Washing– It might be a residential roof, or perhaps the cladding on a warehouse, and with the right equipment, it doesn’t take long to remove the built up dirt and grime that always clings to exterior surfaces. Using a state of the art cherry picker, the window cleaner can access even the hard to reach areas, and safely as well.
  • Cleaning Conservatories– Like window cleaning, conservatories can easily be squeegeed to leave the glazed units looking like new. Many homeowners have their conservatory cleaned by the window cleaner, so it matches the rest of the property.

If you are looking for a reliable window cleaner that offers all of the above services, a Google search is the best way to make contact with a local contractor.

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