Selecting the Perfect Classic Roofing for Your Home

When choosing classic roofing styles, you’ll find that the selection is endless. From metal to clay tile, you can be sure to find a style that suits the design of your home. The classic roof was often made with considerable craftsmanship. Detailing was often used to add to the beauty of the roof. Wooden shakes were also used, but are they currently the best for your home? They probably aren’t. In today’s world, low maintenance homes are often sought after and a wooden shake roof would need specialized care. Today there are many alternatives to the traditional roofing often found in classic older homes. Synthetic roofing can be found in many styles, textures, and colors giving your roof the appearance you seek.

The synthetic roof will not only give you the protection against weathering and better durability but will last much longer than the standard cedar or slate roofs also available today. Many newer man-made slates and imitation shakes are actually filled with rubber compounds, making a better UV inhibitor, insuring durability and better fire resistance than regular roofing material. The ease of installing this synthetic material is just one more benefit you will find. Air pressured nail guns can be used to install this roofing material while cedar shakes and real slate can not.

Recycled roofing can give your classic roof the benefit of using materials that would otherwise be thrown away. Known as green roofing, these are polymer based roofing materials and are made with some recycled content. Tiles are often made from automotive and industry waste. This means your tiles may have tiny bits and pieces of unused or recycled tire rubber. Green roofing has been tested for low water absorption, UV resistance, and how well it does in freezing weather. Fewer repairs are needed and this roof can last much longer than your natural shake or cedar roof.

If you like the traditional classic look of a roof, you will be better off trying a lightweight, synthetic product. Traditional roofing materials often cannot withstand the high winds, and other extreme weather conditions as well as synthetic materials. Steel tiles are designed to look like classic roof tile but with the advantage of easy installation and it can also be found at a lower price range than the traditional roofing material. When first deciding on which style of roofing you prefer, remember to weigh out the benefits of each option. Decide which style will best beautify your home, yet still offer the durability you need.

Different Types of Roof Vents

The most important part of your home is the roof. It protects you from the rain, the snow and anything else that Mother Nature dishes out. Without it, we are left out in the cold – literally. When building, or buying, a home, it’s important to make sure that the roof is in good shape. One of the most important aspects of roofing is adequate ventilation.

Potential Problems

The lack of ventilation causes moisture to build up and possibly cause structural problems with the roof. In addition, ensuring that your roof is properly ventilated will increase the life of your roof and promote the safety of everyone in your home. In addition, built up moisture and heat may cause extra cooling expenses, which raises energy costs. Moisture can also cause ice dams and other problems, including rotting and fungus.

Different Types of Roof Vents & Roof Ventilation

There are various types of roof vents available, including Dormer and Turbine. The most important thing to consider, when choosing one, is the actual ventilation system. Proper ventilation systems will consist of the following two types of vents:

Intake Vents.

These vents will allow fresh air to get into the home.

Exhaust Vents.

These allow air to leave the home.

In order for any ventilation system to work, both intake and exhaust vents must be installed. When properly installed, the ventilation system will allow fresh air to enter the home while sending other air outside.

Calling The Professionals

Dependant upon the area in which you live, a professional roofing contractor will be able to advise you on the different types of roof vents and which is more suitable for your home. Certain types of roof vents are better than others, depending on the roof’s structure or style. Cathedral roofs, for example, would require a ridge vent for proper ventilation whereas some homes would be better suited with a turbine vent, which has a free spinning top allowing air to flow out.

Different Types of Roof Vents & Roof Longevity

If a roof is properly ventilated, it can increase the longevity of it’s structure. This could save you big bucks in the future by not having to purchase a whole new roof. If a home is not properly ventilated, the moist air has nowhere to go. As it sits inside the home, it will begin to cause damage little by little. Although it may not be noticeable at first, time will show that damage is occurring and, the longer a roof goes without proper ventilation, the worse effect it will have on the structure of your home.

Spanish Style Home Decorating

Spanish style home decorating is a great way to get a rustic but colorful look in your home. This style, popular in the south, is really suitable for any area and can add a unique touch to any home.

When you want to decorate your home in a Spanish style, you will have a lot of fun. The Spanish style is very interesting with vibrant colors and textures used within it. You can bet that no matter how the home is decorated, you will need to incorporate the sense of family and community into the design. Take a look at how you can easily incorporate the Spanish style into your home. It can be really easy and fun!


One easy way to incorporate Spanish style into your home is with the use of family photos. You can use photos that you have taken yourself to get the task done. Simply choose various types of photo frames and put out your favorite pictures of family and friends. You should add them to each room to give the home a really comforting feeling.


When it comes to Spanish colors, you should think about using bright colors like red, yellow, orange, and blue. You will be able to bring out the Spanish décor elements with these bold colors. Be sure to add a beige or white to the mix as well to give the colors a nice background.


Although it really doesn’t matter what type of furniture you use when you are using Spanish style home decorating, it should be comfortable and casual. Unless you are decorating a formal dining or living room, Spanish styled furniture is not overly formal. So be sure it is comfortable and big enough for everyone in the family to lounge on. Spanish style uses a lot of dark woods – worm wood in particular is nice.


Use Spanish accessories to add an authentic touch to your décor. Grill grates and other accessories that use wrought iron can add a great touch, especially if they are vintage. Spanish pottery is another item that can be displayed in any room – on shelves or hang plates on scrolly plate hangers to give a unique homey feel.


A Spanish style looks great with rustic tile flooring. Not the shiny porcelain stuff but the big reddish tiles with dark grout. Also, hardwood floors can go wonderful with this style. To soften up the room accent it with Spanish style rugs.

When you choose to decorate your home with Spanish style home decorating you can bring the elements in without spending a lot of money. You can simply add photos of your family, bright colors and comfortable furniture to get the look you want