Wood Furniture Care Tips To Make Dull Floor Boards Look Great

Wooden floor boards can be a great way to give the whole home or just a few rooms a bit of character and they can look extremely good too. You may have had floor boards in the rooms instead of carpets for a while, but over time they may have become a bit tattered or worn. Various things can contribute to the floor boards rotting or looking tattered such as spills, animal accidents or it could even have been from just general wear and tear. Whatever the reason, it can leave the person wanting to just cover it up because it can look very untidy.

If you are someone who is thinking about just getting carpet to cover it up, you should really think about this seriously. It is all so easy to just put a rug or carpet over it, but why not see if you can do something about the floor boards instead? With a bit of effort you could have the floor boards looking as good as new. If you are a dab hand with this kind of thing then it could only need either a bit of sanding or refinishing to have the floor boards looking great. Also the best bit about it is that it should only take a few days at the most and it could be a lot cheaper than getting in carpets or rugs.

Preparation is the Key

Why should you get rid of the character of the room just because it needs a bit of work? Once the floor boards are treated properly they could look as good as new. It will obviously need some preparation before you start, for instance, the room will need to be off limits and have no furniture or anything else in there whatsoever. You need to sand the floors whether it is done by hand or by using a drum sander in order to get the job done. Once the floors have been sanded, you will obviously need to get rid of all the saw dust and everything else that is on the floor boards.

The whole process of preparing the floors can be a bit time consuming so you will need an element of patience when doing this. However, once it is done you can then apply the wood stain to the nicely prepared floor boards. After you have stained the floor you will want to seal it, which adds an extra protective finish on top of it.

Treating the floor boards instead of covering them up is an extremely good option to try. You should not cover them up just because a bit of hard work is needed because with a bit of time and effort they can look just as good as new.

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